Accept card payments via smartphone and tablet

Simple. Global. Secure.

The mobile POS system for higher sales and satisfied customers

With accept by Wirecard, your smartphone or tablet transforms into a card reader device in a matter of seconds.

Card payment is one of the most popular payment options in Singapore. Give your customers the opportunity to make convenient and practical payments by card. With accept by Wirecard, you can process payments made by debit card/Maestro card and credit card simply and securely – in your shop, at your customer's place or on the go. 

The cost-efficient and practical alternative to costly stationary POS systems is perfect for retailers, companies and self-employed people in every industry. To start accepting card payments with accept by Wirecard, all you need is the free app for your smartphone or tablet and the convenient card reader device – it‘s that simple. See for yourself!

Choose the option that suits you best

Chip & Sign

The mini-card plugged directly into the smartphone or tablet and you simply swipe the card of your customer. That's it!

With Chip & Sign, you can accept all debit cards, but no credit cards. 

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Chip & PIN

Easily accept card payments by connecting the mobile card reader to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. 

The ideal solution for small businesses and self-employed people from all sectors, whether you are a café owner or a taxi driver. 

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Checkout System

As a larger company, would you like to have one checkout for all business areas? No problem!

  • Integrate additional services (risk management, ERP)
  • Flexible design of product inventory in checkout
  • Can be connected to customer loyalty systems of partners
  • Add hardware to your mPOS checkout system (scannr, printer or cash drawer)

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Simple navigation
The clear presentation and categorised structure of the individual menu items ensures simple operation from the very beginning.

Convenient payments
During the transaction, you can conveniently make further changes to the number of units, total or overall value.

Up-to-date transaction overview
The transaction overview provides an overview of your latest sales as well as sorting and individual overviews.

Clear statistics
Clear statistics and variable diagrams give you an overview of all your transactions.

Quick tips menu
The quick tips menu provides an overview of all the key information and ensures quick orientation in the case of any questions.

Account management
You can make changes and updates in the account menu and keep an eye on your account information at all times.

Enter payment amount

Enter payment amount

You can also add the item description.

Accept payment

Accept payment

Insert the card into the card reader connected via Bluetooth or swipe the card through the card reader that is plugged into your smartphone/tablet.

Customer confirms payment

Customer confirms payment

Your customer confirms the payment by providing their signature on the display or by entering their PIN.


accept by Wirecard for simple and secure payment processing

  • Cashless, mobile payments at your location and on the go
  • Easy to use
  • Overview of all transactions
  • Maximum security (PCI standard)
  • No minimum sales
  • Fair cost structure


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